Reinforced plastic (and not only), in the following areas :

Oenology and food storage

The italian F.V.G. Region, where our firm has piace, is a world wide known region particularly for the production of excellent wines and the high skill of our vine-growers; far more than 30 year the firm Lamar Udine has been working together with the Friulian vine-growers by offering them a wide range of handmade items especially meant for wine production and storage.

The use of modern technologies and very good
raw materials allows our firm to be on the
market with items presenting peculiarities such as durability and non-toxicity particularly important to guarantee the highest reliability in our vine-growers.

Moreover the range of our items includes a wide series of tanks and containers manufactured for milk and food storage.

Lamar Udine guarantees manufactures on customer's request and design offering also a wide range of colours and finishing together with possible changes and repairs.
We are always at your complete disposal with a a well-stocked store of spare parts and fittings.

Architecture and Bodyworks

Lamar Udine making good use of its knowledges concerning the fibreglass reinforced plastics and reinforcement, included the advanced compounds of the new generation (glass, carbon, kevlar), with its typical artisan-like structure, introduces its handwork such as civil and naval furnishing accessories, prototypes, bodies for special and armoured vehicles and industrial machines.

In addition Lamar Udine works on customers' demand and design particularly on:
- design and manufacture of items made of fibreglass reinforced plastics
- interior and exterior furnishing accessories, coverings, architectural and technical elements
- furnishing accessories for the naval sector manufactured on customer's design
- prototypes and frame production, chairs, armchairs, sofas, shower-bases, bathtubs-hydromassage, lightings.

Chemical Industry

Lamar Udine thanks to its thirty-year experience in the reinforced plastics sector and in realization of tanks for chemical industry and equipment.

The production of Lamar Udine marks out the high quality of items, as a guarantee of it we attend
the“Capitolato”/Technical Specification for all methods of stratification and
characteristics of materials used.
Our competence is highly recognised by our customers and obtained thanks to the experience and professional nature of all team members that
actively cooperate for the improvement of all products and growing of the firm.

The materials we use consist of fibreglass reinforced plastics together with compound materials which, compared to the traditional ones,
present undeniable advantages as: light-weight, resistance, longevity showing smooth and non-toxic

Moreover thanks to the flexibility in production and to the adopted technologies, Lamar Udine is able to
manufacture made-to–measure products according to the customers’ request together with the technical support, where necessary, for a better
realization of the design.

Ponds and custom tanks

Lamar Udine thanks to its thirty-year experience in the reinforced plasctics sector has created a range of ponds in F.R.P. (Flbreglass Reinforced
Plastics) whose peculiarities are stated in solidity, strength, easiness in assembly, disassembly or in
simple movement.

Last but not least it is important to underline the complete lack of maintenance once the tank has been installed.
The material features we use, are nowadays universally recognìsed, in fact, it is well known that they are unalterable along the years and any
problem of protection or winter recovery is completely worked out.
The ponds in our production can be both totally or half laid underground or simply laid on a bed made of sand or earth.
As we are manufacturers we are able to produce ponds according to the customers' requests